Your how-to guide for developing in a multi-platform world.

This site is a curated collection of agile, engineering, and product management best practices to get you started on the road to API-First development.

In a multi-platform world, teams need to reorganize around API-First principles to efficiently and quickly create experiences and products which work across many devices. We are here to help.

Problems that might sound familiar:

  • Traditional product design is device centric, but your company needs to be device agnostic.
  • Device centric product design results in duplicated effort and wasted engineering work.
  • We find that agile teams instinctively want to develop in an API-First way, but need ways to communicate across disciplines.

We hate wasted work. We want to make the software development world a more efficient place... and it all starts with your API. is now open-source!

We want API-first to contain the best information from the community about what you have learned working in your teams. You can contribute your thoughts, comments, stories, and visions at our GitHub repository.

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